Wednesday, May 7, 2014

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Dear Readers,
the rapidly unfolding events in Ukraine are posing a dangerous threat to worldwide peace, stability, and economic welfare. Through subterfuge, deception and sabotage, the "Western Block", represented by the US and EU nations, after instigating the Euro-Maidan riots and subsequent "Coup d'état", has installed a puppet government in Ukraine, which is hell-bent on waging war against its own people, and is dominated by fascist forces whose preferred means of expression are violence, hatred and enmity. 

Western media and politicians are fully committed to supporting this illegal government in order to pursue their agenda, which is to exploit and plunder Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, to oppose Russia economically and militarily, to expand NATO's reach and influence, to create and control a new "Eurasian Empire", and to invent a new war in order to divert attention from their imminent bankruptcy, economic collapse and insolvency.
This Blog will follow-up events related to the Ukrainian crisis, and will provide readers with critical insights and analysis in order to expose the truth, counter Western media's disinformation, and possibly provide a better, more focused picture of what is really happening in Ukraine, Russia, and other regions of the world involved in the unfolding crisis. Relevant links and references to photographs, videos, articles, and other materials will be made in order to corroborate and confirm evidence, but also to encourage readers to investigate further and therefore seek what is increasingly being denied nowadays, namely the Truth that leads to intellectual FREEDOM. Remember, "Veritas vos Liberabit" - The Truth shall set you Free!!!

The Shield

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