Saturday, May 17, 2014

One Step Beyond - The West's Endorsement of Kiev's Political Eliminations

Dear Readers,

while the pace of events has dramatically picked up in Eastern Ukraine, with the formation of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics as a consequence of the Referendum results, overwhelmingly in favor of  self-determination and independence from the Kiev Junta, a very serious incident has taken place on May 14th in the Eastern city of Dnepropetrovsk. 

A group of gunmen armed with automatic rifles and clad in the black uniforms worn by the Ukrainian National Guard (нацгвардия украины), attacked what they believed to be the residence of Oleg Tsarev, People's Deputy of Ukraine and leader of "South-East" political movement. During the raid, the gunmen arrived at night in a minivan, fired several bursts of machine gun at the windows, then forced their way inside the house, smashing everything, and finally set the building on fire with Molotov cocktails. Eventually, it turned out that the punitive raid missed the intended target, since the house belonged to one of Tsarev's neighbors, who was fortunately away when the attack took place.

But who is exactly Tsarev, and who was behind this botched attempt at eliminating him? 

Oleg Tsarev is a Dnepropetrovsk businessman and People's Deputy of Ukraine, who submitted his candidacy as self-nominee for the presidential election scheduled for May 25. Tsarev is a former head of the Dnepropetrovsk regional branch of the Party of Regions (Партия регионов), and a former People's Deputy of Ukraine; he was however expelled from the party on April 7th, while presidential candidate Mykhailo Dobkin got nominated instead to run for the upcoming elections. Tsarev was a supporter of Ukraine's federalization, as well as a proponent of referenda to be held in all parts of Ukraine, in order to defuse tensions between communities and delegate power to the regions, instead of centralizing it in Kiev. He withdrew his presidential candidacy on 29 April as an act of protest against Kiev, in the wake of rising tensions between the Kiev Junta and the Russophone community of South-Eastern Ukraine. 

The other reason why Tsarev decided to withdraw from the elections, is that it had become too dangerous for him to continue his presidential campaign and meet with voters in Kiev, where his security could not be guaranteed, until on April 15th he was eventually the victim of a vicious attack by a mob of Right Sector radicals after attending the ‘Svoboda Slova’ talk show hosted by Ukraine’s ICTV channel. Party of Regions presidential candidate Mykhailo Dobkin who was attending the same talk show, on the other hand fared a little better than Tsarev, being attacked by radicals that poured green antiseptic solution and flour on his head, forcing him into a hasty retreat from Kiev, as can be seen in the following video, courtesy of RT. 

In the wake of these unprecedented and unwarranted acts of aggression against some of the most prominent candidates who represented the Russophone community of South Eastern Ukraine, United Nation’s Secretary General Ban Ki-moon issued a statement condemning the attacks through the U.N.'s spokesperson Stephane Dujarric, and Konstantin Dolgov, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s commissioner for human rights, denounced a “shy silence” from Western countries towards the attack on Tsarev. Dolgov summed up his reaction in the following tweet:

“The Maidan tank democracy is in full swing, the extremists remained unpunished,” “Typical double standards.”

But back to Tsarev, after deciding to give up the presidential race, he called on "all presidential candidates representing Ukraine's Eastern and Southeastern regions" (namely) Petro Symonenko, Mykhailo Dobkin, Serhiy Tihipko and Renat Kuzmin to boycott the upcoming elections; because in his own words "An election that is being held while a civil war is unfolding must be boycotted". He also added that if they did not withdraw, they would be "playing into the hands of the illegitimate authorities and legitimizing not only them but also their decision to start a civil war against the Eastern regions". Upon returning to Dnepropetrovsk and realizing that the radical elements making up the Kiev Junta where hell bent on waging a war against the Russophone community and against the people of the Eastern regions, Tsarev ostensively sided with the pro-Federalization activists, and was often seen wearing the St.-George ribbon that became the symbol of all those who rejected Kiev's illegitimate rule. Eventually, on May 13th, Tsarev was included in the list of individuals sanction by the European Union for calling for the creation of Federal Republic of New Russia (Новоро́ссия), as can be seen on the map below:

Now, it is obvious that the elimination of Tsarev as a political adversary, and as a leader of the pro-Federalization movement of the East, was becoming an urgent priority for the Kiev Junta. This is especially true when considering that earlier efforts to get rid of political opponents had met with failure, such as the botched assassination attempts against Kharkiv Major Gennady Kernes on April 24th, and Luhansk Republic's governor Valery Bolotov on May 13th. Gennady Kernes was shot in the back by a sniper and after being in critical condition for several weeks, is slowly recovering in a clinic in Israel, while Bolotov was shot in in his car on his way to negotiations over the future of the Lugansk Oblast and lost a lot of blood but has been treated in a private clinic and is out of danger.

If the objective of those who sent these death squads was to "liquidate" some of the most influential leaders of the Donbass region, such as Kernes, Bolotov and Tsarev, it is clear that their criminal plans backfired, for their intended targets survived, the resolve of the pro-Federalization supporters increased, and even worse, the exact identity of those who commissioned these mafia-style murder attempts was swiftly exposed. While it is obvious that the "liquidation" order emanated straight from the Kiev Junta, responsibility was then handed over to Ukrainian Oligarchs Igor Kolomoysky and Sergey Taruta, who have been appointed governors of, respectively, the Dnepropetrovsk and Donetsk regions at the beginning of March. For a profile of these two unsavory characters and de facto henchmen of the Kiev Junta, have a look at the above video, courtesy of RT, which draws up a comprehensive profile of Kolomoysky and Taruta.

Having established the true nature of the Kiev Junta's plan to regain control of the Eastern regions by leveraging the clout of the Oligarchs, it comes as no surprise that both Kolomoysky and Taruta have been given a "blank check" to indulge in Mafia-like coercion and intimidation of all those who oppose Kiev's illegitimate rule. What is also important to point out, is that Igor Kolomoysky happens to be the president of the United Jewish Community of Ukraine and has a dual Ukrainian-Israeli citizenship although dual citizenship is not recognized by Ukraine. Now, in direct connection with the latest attempt on Tsarev's life, on May 14th, two telephone conversation recordings were leaked, where Kolomoysky's guilt and responsibility are proven without any shadow of doubt (he threatened Tsarev placing a $1 Million bounty on his head!), and which confirm the assumption that the Kiev Junta, with full Western backing and support, has established a Mafia-style system of territorial control and exploitation in the Donbass region, with the expectation that such a system will be enforced nationwide after the May 25th Presidential elections. 
The following link contains the actual recordings (both of which have been confirmed as authentic), as well as the transcripts of the conversations both in Russian and in English (scroll down for the English versions):

Conclusively, with respect to Kolomoysky's Jewish background and Israeli connections (this whole topic deserves a lot of attention and will be further developed in a future post), it is important to emphasize the fact that the Jewish community of Ukraine at large, as well as several Jewish organizations in Israel, openly disagree with Kolomoysky's criminal behavior and are disgusted by his alliance and collaboration with the Kiev's Junta fascist and Neo-Nazi factions. Just a couple of days ago, the Jewish community of Lugansk issued an official statement condemning Kolomoysky's actions and his inappropriate and blasphemous use of the Synagogue as well as other religious symbols in his criminal dealings, as can be seen in the following link (in Russian):

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Kiev's "Peacekeeping" Choppers over Kramatorsk - They came in White...but not in Peace

Dear Readers,
yesterday, major clashes took place in and around the village of Oktyabrs'ke near the city of Kramatorsk in Eastern Ukraine, as the Kiev Junta's punitive operation against the people of the Donbass continued unabated, a few days after the Referendum for independence held in Donetsk and Lugansk. Kiev's renewed offensive against Kramatorsk saw the involvement of infantry, several armored vehicles, self-propelled artillery/mortars...and well...a number of White Mil Mi-24 combat helicopters with clearly visible U.N. markings on the fuselage. At first they were videotaped hovering in the sky, then resting on a field with several troops deployed around them in what appeared to be a farm or rural compound in the vicinity of Oktyabrs'ke

But as incredible as it may have appeared, these machines were surely not part of some sort of a providential U.N. "Peacekeeping" mission, for their offensive purpose was clear in spite of their unmistakable White paint that is the hallmark of vehicles used by the United Nations. As can be seen in the following video, courtesy of Lifenews, the Mil Mi-24 has landed on a field, several troops have disembarked, and seem to be - very casually - "securing the area" around the helicopter. From a distance, it could almost look as if none other than U.N. Secretary Ban Ki Moon just landed together with his team to greet the locals, announce a negotiated truce with Kiev, and call for a withdrawal of the Junta's troops. 

Nope...that would be wishful thinking. The facts on the ground and in the sky paint unfortunately a very different scenario. The use of Ukraine's "Peacekeeping" choppers engaged in combat operations, still sporting a white, highly weathered finish and the U.N. symbols represents a violation of the agreement signed with the United Nations by Ukrainian authorities. Under the agreement, the Department of Peacekeeping Operations of the U.N. allows countries contributing to a Peacekeeping operation to provide equipment and vehicles with U.N. markings only when they are used within the framework of a specific U.N. mission. When and if these vehicles are withdrawn and repatriated or reassigned, it is the issuing country's responsibility to repaint the vehicle and apply the appropriate markings on the fuselage, thus making sure that it is not flying under the auspices and mandate of the U.N.

It is now clear that in the case of the Mil Mi-24s and Mil Mi-8s, the Kiev Junta decided to repatriate the helicopters by withdrawing them from U.N. Peacekeeping missions that were underway in Africa. Ukraine was indeed flying 2x Mil Mi-24s providing fire support and 1x Mil Mi-8 providing transport and logistics in support of the U.N. contingent engaged in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Another Mil Mi-24 had been deployed with the U.N. forces in Liberia as of March 26th 2014. 

It now seems that the Kiev Junta, either as a diversionary tactic, or maybe rather out of sheer desperation, has recalled these helicopters in a haste from Africa, and has reassigned them to be used in the punitive operation against the East of the country. With respect to this, it is important to mention that Ukraine's fleet of Mil Mi-24 combat helicopters has literally shrunk to a handful of units, so the fact that former U.N. vehicles are now being deployed in Eastern Ukraine may well be a sign that there are very few of them left. Officially, as of May 3rd 2014, the Ukrainian Air Force appeared to have about 43 Mil Mi-24P/V/PM combat helicopters, but because of insufficient funding and maintenance, the effective number of airworthy units was down to about 20. Then 3 out of those 20 were flying for the U.N. and 3 others have already been shot down when hostilities broke out in the East of the country. Simple math would bring down the total number of airworthy units to 14. Still, it is important to point out that an "airworthy" unit does not necessarily mean it is combat-ready and capable of reliably firing and delivering its weapons and ordnance. We can therefore conclude that the real number of combat-ready Mil Mi-24s is much less, maybe between 6 and 10 units at best, hence the (unwise - and, from an U.N. standpoint - illegal) decision to deploy them as part of the punitive operation. 

From "Peacekeeping" to "Peacebreaking" (as a reminder, this is all in clear violation of the Geneva accords undersigned by the Kiev Junta) - such is the unlucky fate of Ukraine's white Mil Mi-24s...

Donetsk and Lugansk - two tales of people's Courage, Hope and Determination

Dear Readers,
on Sunday May 11th, in spite of overwhelming odds and in the midst of the Kiev Junta's punitive operation against Eastern Ukraine, the residents of Donetsk and Lugansk took part in a vote to decide on the on the future status of their regions. This Referendum on self-rule in Eastern Ukraine was launched after the formation of the Donetsk People's Republic (Донецкая народная республика), headed by Denis Pushilin and the Lugansk People's Republic (Луганская народная республика), headed by Valeriy Bolotov, which were earlier declared in April. 

As a result of Sunday's polling, and thanks to massive participation from the local population, up to 89.7 percent residents in Donetsk and 96.2 percent residents in Lugansk voted in favor of independence from the illegal Kiev Junta, and the right to self-rule. This incredible victory for the people of the Donbass region, did however not come without loss and suffering, since the mix of forces unleashed by the Kiev Junta upon the very people of Ukraine (it is useful to remind that those who voted were Ukrainian citizens), did their best to disrupt the vote and wreak havoc in and around the polling stations where the Referendum took place.

And indeed, units from the Ukrainian Army, the National Guard, the SBU, complemented with paramilitary groups such as the Right-Sector militias and other armed extremists, tried in every which way to terrorize the population, to deter people from  expressing their vote, and to deny access to the polling stations under the threat of force.
This resulted in unchecked, gratuitous violence that claimed the lives of those who tried to exercise their democratic right to vote, and left a number of civilians dead or severely wounded. While the Kiev Junta claimed to crack down on "terrorists" in Eastern Ukraine, it literally sent tanks and armored vehicles against its own citizens as can be witnessed in the following video (courtesy of RT-RUPLY) from the punitive operation in Mariupol conducted just two days before the Referendum took place:

However, the people of the Donbass were undeterred and even if Russian President Vladimir Putin had suggested to postpone the Referendum a few days earlier, they went ahead anyway as a further sign that they would not give up their right for self-determination as well as their struggle against the tyranny of the Kiev government. It is quite amazing to watch these ordinary citizens stand firm against the invading troops and literally try to stop BMP-2 Infantry Vehicles with their bare hands, and no matter how the story is told, it definitely takes some courage and determination to defy such a military machine, knowing full well that a single burst of gunfire could instantly rip a man into pieces. Would any of you be ready to do the same? Would you be ready to defend your family, your community and your city against gun-toting, ruthless invaders sent by the "central government" to force you down into submission? 

For the sheer willingness to defend their freedom, to exercise their right to vote and to defy Kiev's troops, these people deserve serious respect, even if the Western countries that claim to be beacons of democracy condemned the Referendum, branding it illegal and invalid. On the other hand, these same countries are fully backing the upcoming Presidential elections to be held in Ukraine on May 25th, in spite of a de facto state of expanding civil war, in spite of the fact that the Eastern and South-Eastern region will probably boycott the vote, and in spite of the predetermined outcome of these elections, which will see the rise of Western-appointed oligarchy (read - Petro Poroshenko). It is unashamedly obvious that when it comes to "democracy", the US and the EU will only apply that definition to the regime(s) they helped install in the first place as is the case in Kiev, though when it comes to the expression of the people's free will as happened in Eastern Ukraine, it will be thoroughly ignored and harshly condemned; worse even, it will be outlawed, and the use of force against the people will be fully justified!

With respect to this, read what Maja Kocijancic, spokeswoman for EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton had to say:

"The so-called referenda in ... parts of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions were illegal and we do not recognise the outcome. Those who organised the referenda have no democratic legitimacy,"

The very nature of this statement is absolutely baffling, all the more when it represents none other than the official EU stance with respect to the right to exercise direct democracy through popular suffrage and consultation. In other words, the Donetsk region representing 4.5 Million citizens and the Lugansk region 2.3 Million, for a combined total of about 6.8 Million people, have expressed a vote, and the EU says it is illegal and will ignore it. Got it? The message is clear, the people's opinion doesn't count - what counts is Western-backed oligarchy instead! 

Knowing full-well that no one in the West will give any support or recognition to the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, its leaders will appeal to the United Nations to recognize their independence, but in the meanwhile they will have to fend-off for themselves, bracing for the worst. Because Kiev's offensive against the East, in full violation of the Geneva agreements that the Junta undersigned jointly with the US, EU and Russian delegations has not stopped and is actually reaching a critical point. But worse still, it cannot be overlooked that even the US and EU have de facto reneged on the Geneva agreements by their own statements with respect to Kiev's use of force against the population. US President Barack Obama called it "a move to restore order," while EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said "the state's monopoly on the legitimate use of violence needs to be respected." 

Remember, in Catherine Ashton's own words, the state's MONOPOLY on the LEGITIMATE USE OF VIOLENCE (against the people = against you!) needs to be respected. Doesn't it sound like a statement emanating straight from the leader of a totalitarian state?
It sure don't let your guard down, one day you may have to be ready to fight and defend your rights, the rights of the people...

Monday, May 12, 2014

The May 2nd Odessa Massacre - Бойня в Одессе 2 Maя - The Untold Truth

Dear readers,

the city of Odessa is a Martyr city. On May 2nd, heavy clashes involving right-sector extremists, along with football hooligans from Chernomorets Odesa and Metalist Kharkiv against pro-Russian activists and innocent civilians, claimed the lives of at least 46 people, with several hundreds severely injured. But these are just the official figures of this appalling tragedy, because according to member of the Ukrainian parliament Oleg Tsarev (and former Presidential candidate), as well as lawmaker of the Odessa regional council Vadim Savenko, the clashes took the lives of at least 116 people (most of the other corpses were found in the upper floors of the ill-fated Trade Unions House that was entirely destroyed by fire) while the Kiev authorities have been seeking to conceal the exact casualty figures.

The following video (original audio with English subtitles)  provides extensive footage of what really happened on that tragic day in Odessa, and expose damning evidence of how the massacre gradually took shape, how some of the rioters (wearing red armbands) were using firearms and apparently working in close coordination with the police, how the firefighters didn't intervene to extinguish the raging fire at the Trade Unions House, and many other elements of proof that will not be found or aired anywhere on the Western mainstream media. 

This video (warning- there is some graphic content...) is a must-see to gain a thorough understanding of what truly happened in Odessa on May 2nd. This massacre has been described as the Khatyn of the 21st century (from the name of the Belarusian village of Хаты́нь, which the Nazis destroyed and burned to the ground, killing all its inhabitants), and has revived so many demons of the past, that even though it is hard to believe, it seems that World War II never actually ended in Ukraine. The victims of the Odessa massacre will not be forgotten, and even if the Kiev Junta and their Western patrons are in denial, downplaying the tragedy, blaming the pro-Russians, and thus absolving the right-wing extremists, the truth is out there and people around the world will know who is really accountable and responsible for this crime against Humanity.

May the innocent victims, the men, women and children who died in the massacre, rest in peace.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

день победы! - Victory Day Celebrations (but not for Frau Merkel...)

Dear Readers,
today the celebrations for Victory Day took place not only in Moscow....but also in Sevastopol, Crimea, now part of the Russian Federation. It was a bright, sunny day, there was a crowd of over 150,000 people attending, and the parade was nothing short of stunning, with the added bonus of featuring a fully-fledged procession of all Black Sea Fleet vessels.
This particular venue and location for Victory Day was so significant, that Russian President Putin was there to personally oversee the Naval Parade of the Black Sea Fleet, just after attending the celebrations in Moscow. 
Have a look at the video report, courtesy of RT, the naval parade and the follow-on airshow are quite stunning :-)


But while the crowd cheered on and Vladimir Putin enjoyed the show together with Russian top military brass, not everyone was smiling. And In particular, a certain...Frau Angela Merkel, probably wasn't really in the greatest of moods today, and certainly not eager to put up any smile on her stern and serious face (in fact...has anyone ever seen her smiling???).  

Indeed, while conceding that May 9th was an important date for Russia to commemorate the defeat of Hitler's Nazis, she pointed out that the current crisis in Ukraine would have made a parade in Sevastopol inappropriate. Obviously, Putin did not pick that up, and couldn't be bothered to let the sulking "Mädchen" spoil the Victory Day party with her pointless remarks, when within the EU, it is none other than Germany that played one of the biggest roles in installing the illegal and rabidly anti-Russian Junta in Kiev. Not to mention the invisible hand of Angela's "Bundesnachrichtendienst" minions roaming the streets of Ukraine in search of the latest piece of intelligence ahead of their CIA colleagues...

We feel of course very sorry for Frau Merkel's frustration (those damn Russians...beat you once, beat you twice...what's next?), and short of a yoga or pilates session, we suggest practicing a few punches with her favorite political protegé, sparring partner and best buddy Vitaly Klitschko...that will definitely take the stress away, Angela! (don't punch him too hard though...he may still be useful one day eh?)

Friday, May 9, 2014

Eastern Ukraine's Schism with Moscow - Analysis and Scenarios

Dear Readers,
this past Wednesday, in a move that may have surprised many, and in particular his Western detractors, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that:
“We are calling for southeast Ukraine representatives, supporters of federalization of the country, to postpone the May 11 referendum to create the necessary conditions for dialogue”

This proposal, clearly directed at the pro-referendum leaders of Eastern Ukraine, was voiced by President Putin at a press conference held in Moscow together with OSCE Chairperson and Swiss President Didier Burkhalter, as can be seen in RT's video report. 

Now, in the wake of the ongoing escalation of events around Slaviansk, Donetsk, Lugansk and other Eastern Ukrainian cities, who would have expected President Putin to choose this particular venue with this particular guest to air such a conciliatory appeal for dialogue?

There are a multitude of possible interpretations to Putin's proposal for postponing the impending May 11 referendum in Eastern Ukraine, but one thing must be made very clear, namely that Putin did NOT rule out the referendum "per se", but simply asked for some (indefinite) procrastination of the latter. In other words, it would be reasonable to assume that Putin's proposal to the pro-referendum leaders is to "buy some time" before going ahead with a popular consultation that may be a little too preposterous at present, in order to be fully successful. 

Indeed, calling for a hastily organized referendum in such warlike conditions (the Kiev Junta's offensive is still in full swing in the East of the country), especially in regions where the population may be more or less evenly split between those who still support the Kiev government, and those who are in favor of autonomy through federalization, may potentially backfire and disprove the aspirations of the pro-federalization movement.

So, while the result of the Crimean referendum was easily foreseeable and was carried out in peaceful conditions with the presence of up to 135 international observers, a referendum held in Eastern Ukraine amidst raging battles, intimidations, beatings and other kinds of disruptions, would be very difficult to organize and manage. One of the biggest drawbacks of the present situation is that there is simply not enough safety and security around the locations where makeshift voting stations will be set up by the pro-federalization supporters. Holding a referendum not only at gunpoint, but under the barrels of tanks, Grad missile launchers and with combat helicopters circling overhead, would be highly risky for the local population, no matter how noble the cause and intent of the pro-federalization supporters. 

Vladimir Putin is fully aware of this, and he also knows that in any case, the May 11th referendum and its results will be deemed illegal by the Kiev Junta and won't be recognized by any Western political leaders and organizations. Putin also knows that whatever he does and no matter how Russia reacts, all he can expect from the West are sanctions upon sanctions (this would be the 3rd round!), and more NATO military buildup in the Black Sea region and in Eastern European countries close to Russian borders. So, what may be interpreted as an apparent show of Russia's weakness in the face of outrageous Western bullying, is probably a tactical move dictated by Putin's "Realpolitik" of letting opponents fall into the very traps they created.  

By sending troops off to the East of the country in order to carry out an illegal punitive operation against the pro-federalization supporters, the Kiev Junta showed in no uncertain terms that it is acting as an oppressive regime ready to deploy heavy weapons against Ukrainian citizens. In doing so, the Kiev Junta also breached the Geneva accords in spite of being a signatory and party involved in the negotiations. By allowing the CIA to set up a forward operating base out of Kiev, and following CIA Head John Brennan's and US Vice-President Joe Biden's visit, the Junta made no mystery as to whose patronage it falls under. Finally, by refusing to disarm the Right Sector and other Neo-Nazi extremists, the Kiev Junta created and actively fostered the necessary conditions that led to the May 2nd Odessa massacre, a tragedy that will be remembered by all Odessites and all Russian speakers for generations to come. No matter how much these facts are spun around and distorted by the Western and pro-Maidan media, they underscore how deep Putin's opponents are sinking into the moving sands they recklessly stepped into.

To sum things up, Putin's calculus is that, by procrastinating the referendum in the Eastern regions of Ukraine, he will be able to exercise influence over the Kiev Junta in a way that keeps his options as open as possible, without having to precipitate events by having to endorse the referendum results or even worse, having to intervene militarily across the border, thus giving the US and NATO the long-awaited excuse to send troops straight to Ukraine. There is another reason why Putin may have decided to put the referendum back into the backburner for the time being, which has to do with Ukraine's ever rising gas debt to Gazprom, and the (tacit) conditions set by the IMF for Ukraine's loan eligibility. 
More on that later, but in the meanwhile, let's keep in mind that people in the Eastern Ukrainian regions are fighting and dying, day after day, to defend their homes, families and freedom against the Western-sponsored Kiev Junta. Just yesterday, pro-federalization leader Denis Pushilin declared that Donetsk and Lugansk are due to go ahead with the May 11th referendum against all odds. But whatever may happen , let us hope that the  sacrifice of the men and women of Eastern Ukraine will not be made in vain, and that their stand against the oppressors shall ultimately be successful.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Добро пожаловать! - Welcome!

Dear Readers,
the rapidly unfolding events in Ukraine are posing a dangerous threat to worldwide peace, stability, and economic welfare. Through subterfuge, deception and sabotage, the "Western Block", represented by the US and EU nations, after instigating the Euro-Maidan riots and subsequent "Coup d'état", has installed a puppet government in Ukraine, which is hell-bent on waging war against its own people, and is dominated by fascist forces whose preferred means of expression are violence, hatred and enmity. 

Western media and politicians are fully committed to supporting this illegal government in order to pursue their agenda, which is to exploit and plunder Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, to oppose Russia economically and militarily, to expand NATO's reach and influence, to create and control a new "Eurasian Empire", and to invent a new war in order to divert attention from their imminent bankruptcy, economic collapse and insolvency.
This Blog will follow-up events related to the Ukrainian crisis, and will provide readers with critical insights and analysis in order to expose the truth, counter Western media's disinformation, and possibly provide a better, more focused picture of what is really happening in Ukraine, Russia, and other regions of the world involved in the unfolding crisis. Relevant links and references to photographs, videos, articles, and other materials will be made in order to corroborate and confirm evidence, but also to encourage readers to investigate further and therefore seek what is increasingly being denied nowadays, namely the Truth that leads to intellectual FREEDOM. Remember, "Veritas vos Liberabit" - The Truth shall set you Free!!!

The Shield