Monday, May 12, 2014

The May 2nd Odessa Massacre - Бойня в Одессе 2 Maя - The Untold Truth

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the city of Odessa is a Martyr city. On May 2nd, heavy clashes involving right-sector extremists, along with football hooligans from Chernomorets Odesa and Metalist Kharkiv against pro-Russian activists and innocent civilians, claimed the lives of at least 46 people, with several hundreds severely injured. But these are just the official figures of this appalling tragedy, because according to member of the Ukrainian parliament Oleg Tsarev (and former Presidential candidate), as well as lawmaker of the Odessa regional council Vadim Savenko, the clashes took the lives of at least 116 people (most of the other corpses were found in the upper floors of the ill-fated Trade Unions House that was entirely destroyed by fire) while the Kiev authorities have been seeking to conceal the exact casualty figures.

The following video (original audio with English subtitles)  provides extensive footage of what really happened on that tragic day in Odessa, and expose damning evidence of how the massacre gradually took shape, how some of the rioters (wearing red armbands) were using firearms and apparently working in close coordination with the police, how the firefighters didn't intervene to extinguish the raging fire at the Trade Unions House, and many other elements of proof that will not be found or aired anywhere on the Western mainstream media. 

This video (warning- there is some graphic content...) is a must-see to gain a thorough understanding of what truly happened in Odessa on May 2nd. This massacre has been described as the Khatyn of the 21st century (from the name of the Belarusian village of Хаты́нь, which the Nazis destroyed and burned to the ground, killing all its inhabitants), and has revived so many demons of the past, that even though it is hard to believe, it seems that World War II never actually ended in Ukraine. The victims of the Odessa massacre will not be forgotten, and even if the Kiev Junta and their Western patrons are in denial, downplaying the tragedy, blaming the pro-Russians, and thus absolving the right-wing extremists, the truth is out there and people around the world will know who is really accountable and responsible for this crime against Humanity.

May the innocent victims, the men, women and children who died in the massacre, rest in peace.

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