Saturday, May 10, 2014

день победы! - Victory Day Celebrations (but not for Frau Merkel...)

Dear Readers,
today the celebrations for Victory Day took place not only in Moscow....but also in Sevastopol, Crimea, now part of the Russian Federation. It was a bright, sunny day, there was a crowd of over 150,000 people attending, and the parade was nothing short of stunning, with the added bonus of featuring a fully-fledged procession of all Black Sea Fleet vessels.
This particular venue and location for Victory Day was so significant, that Russian President Putin was there to personally oversee the Naval Parade of the Black Sea Fleet, just after attending the celebrations in Moscow. 
Have a look at the video report, courtesy of RT, the naval parade and the follow-on airshow are quite stunning :-)


But while the crowd cheered on and Vladimir Putin enjoyed the show together with Russian top military brass, not everyone was smiling. And In particular, a certain...Frau Angela Merkel, probably wasn't really in the greatest of moods today, and certainly not eager to put up any smile on her stern and serious face (in fact...has anyone ever seen her smiling???).  

Indeed, while conceding that May 9th was an important date for Russia to commemorate the defeat of Hitler's Nazis, she pointed out that the current crisis in Ukraine would have made a parade in Sevastopol inappropriate. Obviously, Putin did not pick that up, and couldn't be bothered to let the sulking "Mädchen" spoil the Victory Day party with her pointless remarks, when within the EU, it is none other than Germany that played one of the biggest roles in installing the illegal and rabidly anti-Russian Junta in Kiev. Not to mention the invisible hand of Angela's "Bundesnachrichtendienst" minions roaming the streets of Ukraine in search of the latest piece of intelligence ahead of their CIA colleagues...

We feel of course very sorry for Frau Merkel's frustration (those damn Russians...beat you once, beat you twice...what's next?), and short of a yoga or pilates session, we suggest practicing a few punches with her favorite political protegé, sparring partner and best buddy Vitaly Klitschko...that will definitely take the stress away, Angela! (don't punch him too hard though...he may still be useful one day eh?)

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